1. Event

The Suez Canal Incident


Lessons learned for the geopolitics of critical infrastructures
March 31st, 2021 | 16:00 – 17:30

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NOTE: As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus, the Financial Intelligence events planned for this year will take place in the ONLINE environment, until these moments are exceeded.


2. Context

The impact of the event on the whole global maritime transportation system, will last for weeks and months. What is important about the incident, is the need of a deep look in the details of the happening, the birds eye of the implications on maritime transportation, but also the construct of the global system of systems of the critical infrastructures.

Based on the lessons learned from Suez Canal incident, the speakers will try to de cipher the impact on geopolitics and the international security environment.

Opening a new chapter in the field of potential new incidents in the global maritime transportation, the “black swan” and the “grey rhino” approaches are needed to be understood by national executives, by lawmakers, by business people, financial and assurance experts and institutions, in a joint effort to integrate the civil and military sectors, by civil and military actors, by national and international authorities.

The globalization process will continue with its supply chain fragility, but also with the need for sustainability and resilience, with the need to enlarge and consolidate the existing international projects like Belt and Road Initiative next to others of other interested countries to improve the international situation in this field.


3. Speakers

Senior analyst
National Defense Institute Portugal

MEPEI Institute Romania

Critical Infrastructure Expert
ICI Romania

Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Corneliu PIVARIU
Major General (ret.)
Senior international analyst,

Gabriel RAICU
Professor, Vice Rector
Maritime University Constanta,

Dr. Ralph THIELE

Moderator: Dr. Liviu Muresan
EURISC Foundation


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5. Video

Analiză: Incidentul din Suez și geopolitica infrastructurii critice (video)