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Interview with Vlad Ardeleanu, CEO Superbet Romania, for financialintelligence.ro

Vlad Ardeleanu: With Blackstone support, we want to get Superbet to the 1 billion euro milestone in the coming years (video)

The American investment fund Blackstone, which is probably the largest in the world, has invested 175 million euros in Superbet. This is an important sum that enables us to develop this Romanian entrepreneurial project and to expand on the international market, said Vlad Ardeleanu, CEO of Superbet Romania, in an interview for financialintelligence.ro (see video below).

The main statements are:

We want to raise Superbet to 1 billion euros in the coming years.

In addition to Central and Eastern European markets, with Blackstone support, we are confident to address mature markets such as Spain, Italy, Germany.

With the liberalization of the US betting market and having a partner such as Blackstone, expanding on such a market is no longer an impossible dream.

The Superbet Group reported a turnover of 180 million euros for 2018 and we are proposing a 40% increase for 2019.

The global expansion vision that the founders have had from the very beginning proved to be the key to the success of the Superbet entrepreneurial project

The expansion of Superbet in more developed markets will most likely start with the digital business, which has become today the most important component of Superbet’s business.

We stay close to the capital market, but it is less likely than a year ago that we will choose this funding path.

The scalability of technology is the essential element for our company development.

Cyber ​​security plays an essential role both for business in Romania and for expansion plans abroad.

Bets on computer game heroes (e-sports) are a new trend in our industry.

The Blackstone’s expertise in managing larger companies than Superbet will be extremely beneficial for rigor and transparency of our organizational structure.